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We offer a wide range of Security Project Services all designed to meet the needs of corporations, contactors, small and large business. Our services include the support and management of your security contracts, technical/engineering , purchasing, subcontract, and systems management needs. We support all areas of electronic security systems including  Access Control Systems, Video IP Systems, Alarm Systems, Electric locks, Security / Emergency Intercom,  as well as other supporting IT equipment. Our service focuses first on your project management and engineering needs to ensure your overall plan is in place.

Are you still putting out just one RFP for a supplier to do the complete project? Our services let you spilt the project into different product categories allowing qualified suppliers in those categories to do different parts of your project. This gives you supplier and equipment options you probably have not experienced, as well as saving you money. We do the engineering and project management not the integrators.  We also provide surveys and reviews of your existing systems. This gives you an independent review of your systems that too many times are only completed by the integrators selling you the products.   

Certified Security Project Management for your Access Control Systems Project

Security Project Services provides Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV and IP Video Systems

Our commitment to results

When we work with a client, we become their business partner. Our success is measured by the success of our client. We are a results driven company. We understand our new way of providing services may not be a value for every client. If we do not see a value or achievable direction by becoming your partner. We will be the first to tell you and save your time and budget.


Our Philosophy

Each of our clients are unique. The one-size-fits-all approaches of the past cannot be expected to meet business objectives and technology needs of our customers of today's technology. First, understanding our clients specific business needs and objectives. Then helping our customers build the road-map to achieve these future technology objectives is the key to a successful partnership. The key to our clients future does not always include what they are doing today. Our goal is to help guide our clients to understand where they are today, plan the needed direction for the future and offer the needed tools and resources to reach these goals. 

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Question: Why is Security Project Services the future of security systems providers?

Answer: We are unlike most security companies by design. We are a security management company first. We provide you security services by managing needed services for your systems and projects. Some areas of your systems require certified product dealers needed the certified systems used in your security systems. This leaves the options open to have other very qualified suppliers to work on other parts of your system not requiring that certified dealer.  Many companies are in purchasing complete packages thinking they have to use that certified dealer for everything. We don't see it that way and will lead you the way to open architecture systems. Products that have closed distribution channels and limited dealers as not the future of security technology. Our future designs for your systems will move you to open architecture designs and open distribution lines as well as offering our  certified security project management. Through our project management when we need to supply or service that portion of your system that needs the certified technicians. We help contract and manage these certified people to provide these specialized needs.

Question: Why use an open architecture system?

Answer: A system with open architecture normally means the system uses products that are open product design and can be used and integrated with many other open market products. It also usually includes many distribution channels allowing for access to the products by many companies who are then able to supply and service the product. This will save you money by allowing you to have more options on who works on your systems and more competitive pricing. It also means that other companies may supply options that integrate with the product. Also many of the newer open systems run common industry standards and on the existing IT infrastructures already in place. Many of the older business models in the security industry included product lines that did not have open distribution line and systems required that you purchased only from the manufacturer and use only companies handpicked and approved by the manufacturer to distribute their product. All aftermarket options came only from the manufacturer.   This did not give many options for true competition on product pricing and a short list of service providers that you had to use.

Question: What Equipment and services does Security Project Services Supply?

Answer: In most cases Security Project Services manages, provides and installs the open architecture systems and equipment for your securty project. We are also Certified Security Project Managers and we will contact on your behalf the needs we are not able to supply or the parts of your system that require certified professionals for that specific brand of certified equipment.

Question: But we already have a systems that requires certified technicians?

Answer: That's OK, But that doesn't mean that you need the certified dealer to work on the non-certified portions of your system. Did you know that about 80% of your system is already open architecture and doesn't not need to be serviced by that certified company? On your projects we will help separate the parts of your system that require the manufacturer certified supplier and the portions that don't. Then we will take care of the non-certified portions ourselves or put it out for an actual completive bid. Next we contract the certified portions to the certified dealers. Example: If you are putting up network cameras. Why do you need you need your certified access control company to do the work? Wouldn't it be more efficient to have your IT provider who knows your building and your IT network standards to supply the cable and connect them to your network under the specifications and supervision of Security Project Services?

Question: But we already have a systems that requires certified technicians?

Answer: Being an open architecture system does not mean the people who work on the systems don't need to be certified. It means that the system is openly distributed. So, in most cases that means that there will probably be more companies supplying the equipment and have  trained and certified technicians. These open systems still require that dealers be trained and certified. They just allow more dealers access to purchase and distribute their products which allows you more options and true competition for your projects in the future

Question: What about the future service of your system?

Answer: We will help line up the needed service suppliers. Yes, different companies did install different parts of your system. But, they all want to service your system and will actually compete for the privilege to service your system. We will help insure your service provider will be the best fit for your needs.


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